Macron visit is raising hopes

选自China Daily,

一 、把第②的high词先挑出来,词汇背后括号里面的号子是英文原稿段落号码,可以先按1,2,3,4的逐条随机构成看看熟练一下这个语汇。

  1. 增强、拉长类动high词: boost(1) , promote(1,7,9) , enable(7) ,
     reinforce(8) , upgrade(10) , highlight(13) 

  2. 变大、变强类形容high词: remarkable(2,14) , vast(4) , integrated(6) ,
     further(7) , strong(7) , huge(10) , greater(10) 

  3. 对象类名high词: trade and interconnectivity(1) , shared growth(1) ,
    progress(2) , nuclear power(2,4) , space(2) , climate change (2,8) , the
    breadth and depth of the visit(4) , areas of discussion(4) , space
    navigation(4) , digital economy(4) , global role(5) , a more integrated
    Europe(6) , capability(7) , policy coordination(7) , global
    governance(7,8) , cooperation(8,12) , anti-terrorism(8) , world peace(8)
    , stability (8) , reform(8) , trade route(9) , manufacturing industry
    (10) , bilateral coopeartion (10) , agricultural products(12) ,
    environment preservation(12) , sustainable urban development(12) ,
    cultural and people-to-people exchanges (13) , prospects(14)
    , infrastructure construction(14) , medical care(14) , against the
    Ebola virus(14).

商贸公司,4.地点类high词: in Eurasia(1) 

  1. 直接就high 了: voice high hopes(1)  

  2. 绑定类high 词: made remarkable progress(2) , play a more global role
    on the international scene(5) 

7.创新类high词: inject the impetus(8) 

  1. 特意给力high词: the Belt and Road Initiative(9) 

  2. 任何积极类动high词: connect (9) , synergize(9) , explore (12) 

② 、附英文原文和表明

  1. Chinese and European observers have voiced high hopes that
    Beijing and Paris will boost trade and interconnectivity in Eurasia
    and promote shared growth as French President Emmanuel Macron is set
    to kick off his state visit to China on Monday.

will boost***。1中欧关系评论家表示中度期待(voice high hope);2
诠释中度期待,其一是拉动欧亚地区贸易以及其他层面的互联互通(boost trade
and interconnectivity in Eurasia),其二是促进共同发展(promote shared
growth); 3是1和2的发生时间,即法兰西总统马克隆访华年代。

  1. Macron, the first foreign head of state to visit in 2018, arrives in
    China at a time that the two permanent members of the United Nations
    Security Council
    have made remarkable progress in areas such as
    nuclear power, space and climate change.

in China at a time that***2***,
2就是背景所在,中国和法国七个常任监护人国(United Nations Security
Council)已经在核电(nuclear power)、太空(space)以及应对天气变化(climate

  1. During his first China trip as president, Macron will visit Beijing
    and Xi’an. He will meet with President Xi Jinping, Premier Li Keqiang
    and top legislator Zhang Dejiang during the three-day trip.


  1. Chris Rowley, an Asia expert and professor at the University of
    Oxford’s Kellogg College, said “the breadth and depth of the visit and
    areas of discussion are
    vast” during the leaders’ upcoming talks,
    expected to include areas such as nuclear power, space navigation and
    the digital economy.

breadth and depth of the visit)以及双边切磋的世界(areas of
discussion)将(upcoming talks)会非凡广阔(vast),估计将包含核电(nuclear
power)、航天(space navigation)以及数字经济(digital economy)等领域。

  1. “There is the view that this trip is an opportunity for bilateral
    trade deals and fits Macron’s ambitions to play a more global role on
    the international scene
    ,” Rowley said.

“play a more global role on the international

  1. Macron’s visit takes place against a background of European trade
    and Macron’s ideas for a more integrated Europe,
    Rowley said.

more integrated

  1. Zhao Huaipu, a professor at China Foreign Affairs University, said,
    “Both Beijing and Paris have strong capability in drafting and
    fulfilling policies” as they seek a multipolar world, and “this
    enables their further policy coordination in the area of promoting
    global governance

******, and this
a multipolar world),那为两国在推进海内外治理(promoting global

  1. “The two countries reinforced cooperation in areas such as
    climate change and anti-terrorism and will inject the impetus for
    world peace, stability and the reform of global governance
    ,” Zhao

承载上文,***reinforced cooperation in areas such as*** and will
inject the impetus
reform of global governance)。“inject the
impetus”是二个特意潇洒的传教,“inject”一般在注射扎针时候用,“ inject the

  1. Cui Hongjian, director of the Department for European Studies at the
    China Institute of International Studies, noted that Macron has been
    promoting building a trade route connecting China, Europe and
    , and this plan could synergize with the Belt and Road

***has been promoting*** and this plan
building a trade route connecting China, Europe and
with Belt and Road Initiative”。

  1. “France is working on upgrading its manufacturing industry, so
    there is a huge space for greater bilateral cooperation,” Cui said.

its manufacturing industry),所以,中法两国双边合营的上空十三分伟人(huge
space for greater bilateral cooperation)。

  1. If the French leader objectively evaluates China’s role, he will
    find more chances for cooperation, Cui added.


  1. Zhang Guobin, secretary-general of the Charhar Institute think tank
    and a former Chinese consul general in Strasbourg, France, said the two
    countries could explore new cooperation in areas like agricultural
    products, environment preservation and sustainable urban development

preservation)以及城市可持续发展(sustainable urban

  1. Macron’s trip to Xi’an highlights the importance of cultural and
    people-to-people exchanges
    , Zhang told Guangming Daily.

法兰西管辖越发提议了中国和法国两国人文互换的基本点(highlight the importance of
cultural and people-to-people exchanges)。

  1. He Wenping, a senior expert on Middle East studies at the Chinese
    Academy of Social Sciences, said the two countries’ cooperation with the
    third parties could see remarkable prospects in Africa, where they
    have worked effectively on infrastructure construction and medical
    , particularly the fight against the Ebola virus.

progress”而是“remarkable prospects”,这一次句子骨架是***remarkable
prospects in Africa,where they have worked effectively
construction)、医疗(medical care)、防御埃博拉病毒(fight against the
Ebola virus)等世界有着建树。




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